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The Unshakable Truth
The Unshakable Truth

The name Josh McDowell promises real-life, on-the-street Christian apologetics. In his first Harvest House book, Josh joins his son Sean to draw on his life’s work and comprehensively address a vital issue: why an entire generation of young Christians―and millions of older believers―is confused about what they believe, why they believe it, and how it’s relevant.

How Now Shall We Live?
How Now Shall We Live?

Christianity is more than a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is also a worldview that not only answers life’s basic questions―Where did we come from, and who are we? What has gone wrong with the world? What can we do to fix it?―but also shows us how we should live as a result of those answers.
How Now Shall We Live?

The Case For Faith
The Case for Faith

In his #1 bestseller The Case for ChristLee Strobel examined the claims of Christ, reaching the hard-won verdict that Jesus is God’s unique son. In The Case for Faith, Strobel turns his skills to the most persistent emotional objections to belief―the eight “heart barriers” to faith. This book is for those who may be feeling attracted to Jesus but who are faced with difficult questions.

The Creation Answers Book
The Creation Answers Book

More than 60 of the most-asked questions about Creation, Evolution, and the Book of Genesis Answered! Not only does it answer your own questions, but equips you to effectively respond to those that resist the Gospel due to worldly teaching on origins. This important work is a must have for anyone s library. Enjoy discovering these answers.

Loving Our Kids On Purpose
Loving Our Kids on Purpose

How to change our goal, as parents, from demanding obedience and conformity to training our children in self-control and protecting a loving connection to us.
Phrases and key words that will help parents manage themselves and allow their children to work on their lives and problems.

God Is Good
God is Good

God is better than we think…
so it’s time to change the way we think about Him.

“God is Good.” More than a positive thought, theological concept, or Biblical statement—what you do with these three words defines your reality and determines your destiny.

The Father Heart Of God
The Father Heart of God

Revealing the freedom and healing that come from discovering God as the perfectly reliable Father, eager to meet every need, ready to give His love. Readers will learn how to deal with heart issues that prevent them from calling God Father how the Father’s compassion heals.

A Tale Of Three Kings
A Tale of Three Kings

Those facing pain resulting from unfair treatment by other believers will be encouraged by this powerful story of David, Saul, and Absalom. This story was turned into a play that has been performed by both professionals on stage and in simple dramas performed in church buildings.