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In The Beginning God…

In the Beginning God…

In the beginning God……..these four words form the basis of the entire Christian worldview. If you believe this, your foundation of thought is based on the Bible and the immense volume of data it contains. It consists of 66 books written by 40 different authors, over a period of 2000 years, forming one integrated message. It is mind-boggling that prophecies of hundreds of years ago have one by one been fulfilled and are still being fulfilled, not in a broad or vague sense, but in detail- to the letter and to the minute. It is a beautiful book of the redemptive plan of God, his love towards man and the call towards living in a personal relationship with God, made possible by the complete work of Christ on the cross.

This relationship is not focused on an escapism mentality, but rather on victorious living here and now. It calls us to establish the kingdom of God on earth, with the inevitable bonus of spending eternity in the presence of a loving Heavenly Father. It is a pity that formal religion has clouded this simple message with so much clutter and doubt.

If this is not your worldview, I urge you to spend time seeking Truth. Consider your options and the eventual outcome of these options when applied to your life. Consider the latest scientific research and consider the implication of each worldview when taken to its logical conclusion. Investigate to see which offers hope, respect, love, destiny, forgiveness, tolerance, and truth.

I’ve done that, and am completely convinced of the authenticity of the Bible. On top of that, I’ve experienced God’s forgiveness, his love and his power to heal and deliver. I’ve heard His voice through His Holy Spirit, comforting and guiding me. Once knowledge and experience gel, deep conviction follows. Life gets meaning, days have destiny, people become precious.

The bottom line is that life should make sense, you should have a purpose and you should be in a position where you can do life successfully and leave a legacy for the next generation. If you aren’t quite there, don’t despair- maybe something of what you will read here can assist you?

You are welcome to interact, leave a comment or ask a question. We are all learning and growing and I am convinced you might have nuggets of truth which will, in turn, assist others. Let’s not stop encouraging one another in Christ and let’s all enjoy Dewdrop Days!

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